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High End without the Price Tag

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

We often receive calls from stagers or homeowners saying they have a very high-end property they are looking to stage and need high-end furniture. We have learned through the years that it is not the price tag on a piece of furniture that makes it appropriate to use in a home or not, it is the look of the piece, as well as the style, types and amount of accessories that are placed with it. In our opinion, you can get a great high-end look without the price tag of purchasing and renting expensive furniture. When we stage multi-million dollar homes, we feel that less is NOT more. We use terrific looking pieces that are affordable, which gives us the ability to use plenty of them. We also use lots of artwork and accessories, tastefully filling each room we stage. Pops of color and texture are added to give the home the designer look that prospective buyers in that price range would expect.