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2010 Marks Pineapple Interiors 5th Year in Business

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010 marks Pineappple Interiors 5th year in business. When Shelley and I were first certified in Staging back in 2005, we thought the majority of our business would be staging occupied homes and doing one day redesign or makeovers. It’s interesting to look back at our marketing materials, to see that focus. It turns out, that one of our first BIG jobs was staging a vacant home in the Bonnie Brae neighborhood in Denver, Colorado.  We staged that home to the hilt, placed a placard on the counter with our business cards, and things took off from there. We can still attribute a lot of our staging business to that very first house!

Bonnie Brae Vacant Staging - BeforeBonnie Brae Vacant Staging - After

In a short time, the majority of our business became staging vacant homes, so we began to build up our inventory. Just two years later, our business took on another change when Pineapple Interiors Furniture Leasing was born. As established experts in vacant staging, we knew we could offer a level of service to other stagers for leasing services that was unmatched in the Denver area.

After having the privilege of working with many professional stagers through our leasing business, we discovered another need and embarked on creating a one of kind Vacant Staging class.

So what is my point of all of this? Well, first I am proud of what we have built over the last five years and we certainly have the support of our local stagers to thank for more hand knobs. I also want to point out that our business completely changed from what we thought it would be! Don’t be afraid to try new things in your business in 2010. You may be surprised at where a few changes can take you.

Staging Talk!

Friday, January 8th, 2010

This morning Tammie and I had brunch with several of our stagers. What a nice morning it was! We enjoyed being with everyone in a more social situation and talked about all sorts of things, including staging!

It’s interesting and fun to hear about the triumphs, defeats, and often the comedy of staging. So many stories, so many styles, and such creative ideas on how to handle these situations. Getting together is such a terrific way to learn.

As the conversation flowed we all seemed to realize that this type of sharing is something we would like to continue.

In the next few months look for news from Pineapple Interiors about Real Estate Staging get-togethers that will help us all grow our businesses! We will be staging this beautiful acreage for sale in Mission, BC.

Is There Such a Thing as Too Good?

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Everyone wants to have the best looking website right?  The kind of site that will really show prospective clients that you know your stuff.  The kind of site that has great pictures.  The kind of site that has just the right amount of verbiage to let clients know that you, and you alone are the obvious pick when hiring a stager!

We recently updated our website, spending countless hours writing and rewriting copy, placing just the right photographs in just the right spots, and designed graphics and colors to be appealing.  We concerned ourselves with easy navigation through the website, and tried and retried several things until we felt we had it just right.

The feedback we received from friends and colleagues has been important to us, and changes were made based on that feedback. Imagine our surprise when we were asked to come out and do a bid for a new client when he told us, he really didn’t want to call us because he thought our website looked too good! (He was interested in staging a very small fix and flip condo.) He thought we would be too expensive.  So there we were doing a bid, and trying to explain that the quality he saw on our website was the quality we give all of our customers, whether it be a small job or large, and the pricing we give all of our clients is fair and affordable to all types of sellers.

Just when you think you’ve got your prospective clients pretty well figured out——something unexpected comes along to keep you wondering!