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Introducing Pineapple U!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Our last newsletter highlighted the benefits of working with a business coach.While we strongly believe that business coaches are worth every penny, we understand too, that they can be costly. With those things in mind, Pineapple Interiors decided to launch a new endeaver; Pineapple U.  Pineapple U is an effort to help professional stagers succeed in their business with the help of a seasoned professional business coach that is primarily subsidized by Pineapple Interiors.  Pineapple U looked for a small group of stagers who were committed and ready to take their business to the next level in 2010, and willing to make a 6 month commitment to dig in with hard work, and enjoy the results that a business coach can deliver.  We are excited to announce that 13 stagers have made the commitment and this awesome program was kicked off last month. Congratulations stagers! Keep your eye on our newsletter and blog! in the coming months to hear of their successes; who knows maybe you’ll be so motivated you’ll want to apply yourself to be part of Pineapple U’s second class of students!