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3504 S Hudson – Staged and Sold in Just 6 Days!

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

We often like to say that Home Staging can help create that “perfect storm” for buyers.  When a home is priced right, is move-in ready and then staged by a Professional Home Stager, the results will speak for themselves. This home located at 3504 S Hudson, in Denver, Colorado was definitely one of our “perfect storm” success stories. This particular home was purchased by an investor who always knows how to make her homes stand out from the competition. She is not afraid to spend the dollars to make the necessary upgrades, she prices them well and ALWAYS stages them. Her staging investment of less than $1600 brought a great ROI, so the next thing to apply for is the vacant home staging Toronto service!

Pineapple Interiors Home Staging Denver, CO

We invited buyers right into the home with a cozy seating arrangement. It’s easy for buyers to see how the room can “live” right when they walk in the front door.

Pineapple Interiors Home Staging Denver, CO

Since the dining room also functions as the main eating area, the team at Pineapple Interiors showed how it can function as both an everyday gathering area and a great place to entertain dinner guests.

Pineapple Interiors Home Staging Denver, CO

How often do you see a kitchen like this in a home for under $250,000 in Denver, Colorado? This investor knows exactly what it takes to create the “perfect storm” and we are proud to be a part of her team!